I am an apprentice trained engineer who spent 50 years working in more than one successful business over the years. I was born, and lived, in Leeds during my formative years where I attended Leeds Grammar School and then the Leeds College of Technology as a part time student. Concurrently with this I spent five years in the RNVR in the hope of joining the Royal Navy for my National Service. That didn’t happen when I failed my medical....

Robert Soper is a retired businessman who now writes and speaks on a wide variety of subjects. He uses his experiences in motor sport during the ‘60s, his time in the motor trade, his 25 years working amongst the stately homes of Britain and a passion for the very ancient world as his sources. Over the years the people whom he has met have given him the inspiration for a great number of novels, self help books and important works of non-fiction.
He speaks to groups in Yorkshire, organises a motor club reunion lunch – the ‘Old Farts’ lunch – and is Speaker Finder for the local Retired Men’s Forum.


All my books are available either on line or through your local bookshop. They are in paperback and in a readable font of a sensible size. That to me is the object of writing a book – so that someone can read it! Hardback copies can be arranged – at a price so please ask me first. Although you can buy them all through your local bookshop, most of my sales are on line and, because of that I can keep my prices low and reasonable.


All my talks last from 45 to 50 minutes and are accompanied by a Power Point Presentation.

I am based in Wetherby in West Yorkshire and will travel up to a 25 mile radius of my base. During the Autumn, Winter and Spring I only speak during the day but am prepared to talk during the evening in Summer.

I charge a fee of £50 plus reasonable travelling expenses if I have very far to go. I only need a suitable screen.


The annual reunion lunch for those who were active in motor sport from the fifties through to the seventies, the annual OFL, or ‘Old Farts Lunch’ as it was christened by my late friend Mike Wilson, is now in its 26th year


Retired Men's Forum

For my sins I act as Speaker Finder for our forum and am always on the lookout for good new speakers. Everyone has, or should have, a story to tell and if you can tell yours in about 50 minutes, then give it a go. We meet up on every Tuesday morning at the Methodist Hall on Harewood Road in Collingham at around 10am for a coffee with the talk beginning at 10.30. That lasts for around 50 minutes to allow for questions and we are usually away by 11.45. Then a group makes its way to the Windmill at Linton to carry on proceedings over lunch.